PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Politics and leakages inside Mile Two-kujabi trasferred!

Mile Two has been turned into a center for politics,leakages and plans to kill inside dark cells
It will be surprising for many to discover how dirty politics could penetrate this deadly dungeon. This is no fiction it is true…For President Jammeh it is not unusual. For the NIA it is not unusual.There are prisoners who had their charges dropped as a plea bargain meant to implicate others. The first victim on the chopping board is Alieu Jobe. Alieu was close to Cherno Boggal,he said something about their relationship when he was forced to confess on GRTS,this thread and what was squeezed from Hammadi Sowe Cherno Boggal’s nephew helped drown Mr Jobe deeper and deeper. Sowe never faced the courts but he was Indeed talking. He was lured towards recording false allegations against his uncle’s former ‘taalibeh’ or follower in the person of Alieu Jobe. Hammadi was promised to taste freedom. His charges were abruptly dropped by the state(a top secret) that is yet to be made public. He is still at Mile Two but no charges lingering over his head unless and until my piece makes President Jammeh change his mind this morning.
Hammadi Sowe and former jailee Musa Susso, similarities noticed -from bad to worse.
This shouldn’t be any news to people who have been following the Musa Susso and David Colley’s story. Didn’t I ‘Bulfaaleh’ give the signals on Susso/Colley’s catty messages? Where is David today? In a dark cell. Where is Susso today? At home with his wives after selling David Colley’s meat to an arch enemy President Jammeh. The same fate awaits Demba Dem,Abdoulie Kujabi and others who are yet to be released following the baseless accusations linking them to the so-called march coup d’etat.
This is a coup that I ‘Bulfaaleh’ disputed in the strongest terms. Today history has proven everything right. The same government killed  innocent Ghanaians all in the name of a coup that is yet to be. There was no coup! in the real sense of the matter. It was just a wild accusation against people whose names President Jammeh took to local marabout in Guinea Bissau for a ‘listikaar’. These names were compiled and presented to the President as potential elements who could replace him one day. One of them was Alieu Jobe. Thats why and how the man at Kanilai captured and killed some. Anyone in that list was either seen as a future President or a future Minister. Thats what happened.
Today Hammadi Sowe is being ‘fooled’ and he has believed in what is being said to him. In hiding he has already repeated what Musa Susso did to David Colley. His first casualty is Alieu Jobe. Next on line are two people Abdoulie Kujabi and Demba Dem.
Why Prison warden Officer “Wharf” Kujabi was transfered to Jangjangbureh Prisons?
A senior officer at mile two central prisons commonly known as “Wharf” Kujabi was moved to Georgetown or Jangjangbureh Prisons. He was moved for a deep reason. “Wharf” is a direct relative of Abdoulie Kujabi therefore his presence at Mile Two maybe a challenge for the CHIAKAS when they come back to torture Abdoulie and Dem in order to obtain fresh confessions from them and others on the firing line. Because Dem was freed and Alieu Jobe and co received 20 years President Jammeh is furious! He prefered the death sentence for Jobe(the man he was told marabouts predicted would replace him Jammeh) likewise Tamsier Jasseh too. This in President Jammeh’s mind is a big mistake that was committed by those who were interrogating these prisoners. Next he wants the CHIAKAS to apply other methods then obtain audio confessions. You remember Abdoulie Kujabi and others did not speak on the TV like Jasseh and Alieu Jobe?
President Jammeh is working on getting their voices presented in court. He really will never leave any person implicated by the CHIAKAS or NIA go home. You remember when Former State guard commander Lt Landing Sanneh was set free by a court and re-arrested just after stepping out of the court house in 2000/1? The same was repeated on David Colley and Demba Dem. The courts under Jammeh are a facade he cares less about what a judge says in Banjul. Dem unfortunately will be tortured again (if he is already not being tortured in his cell?). Dem’s case has been aggravated by what people like Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay are commenting in hiding. I ‘Bulfaaleh’ will never be made to believe that Dem and others will be set free until I see the contrary. Hammadi Sowe Cherno Boggal’s nephew may appear in court to testify against Kujabi and Dem. No one should question this possibilty because it is in the making and Jammeh has a direct hand in it.
Next we will examine how a blind NIA senior officer Captain Lamin Saine picked words like “heinous crime’ from a piece that was written by a journalist called Musa Saidykhan after the dead bodies of Ghanaians were found near Tanji fishing zone. Saine is a blind man but one of the worst souls one can ever imagine in Banjul. He is the mastermind behind many atrocities at the NIA’s dark cells. A special report will be presented on Captain Saine’s secret wickedness and how deadly this snake is. Who would suspect a blind man in such wickedness after all? Make no mistake I ‘Bulfaaleh’ can solemnly swear that Captain Saine was behind the arrest and charging of OJ Jallow,Halifa Sallah and others for sedition. Stay tuned for part three on the Ghanaians’ sad story. Many people will be arrested in Banjul in days to come. By the time ‘Bulfaaleh’ is done many will be at mile two from the state house,dept of justice,police and the NIA. They want to make poor Gambians drink blood I ‘Bulfaaleh’ is determined to make them drink fuss. The twilight is already rising. President Jammeh will be removed out of power sooner than he expects it.
Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, August 29, 2007)
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