PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Ghanaians were killed by Gambia Gov Agents-Final Verdict Released 53 versus 44 ‘Bulfaaleh’ Investigates!(PART TWO)

NIA agents failed to abduct Sanna agent Kausu Jarju comes back another time with recording devices-the cassette that helped kill the Ghanaians.

The NIA under the stewardship of late Daba Marenah sent Kausu Jarju the agent at GAMSTAR for  another time after the abduction or killing of former Vice Chairman Sabally failed. This time Kausu came with recording devices to establish “facts” against Sabally. President Jammeh was still trying to build a case against Dakar therefore plead that they are harbouring dissidents who wanted to over throw his dictatorial regime. Mr Jarju acting as a friend was received by Sabally again. Sabally too acted as the innocent lamb making Jarju believe that he did not suspect any foul play. Jarju came in saying he was there to rest because work load was just too much saying all sorts of stories only to mask his real mission. During a conversation that ensued between the two our Investigations revealed that Sanna knew he was being recorded. This was a chance for him to send a decoy to President Jammeh whom Sanna knows as a loud coward. Sanna there and then said all he had in his heart lamenting on what the regime was doing wrong and how Jammeh has deviated from the reasons that brought him to power and other things. According to our investigations during that session Sanna said he was open to working with Gambians who wanted to end the regime. This latter part was what Jarju was after! Kausu thought he had indeed got the good catch he was searching for. A man who said he was there to stay for days all of a sudden changed his mind saying that he was going to leave the following day or so.

NIA Kausu Jarju at GAMSTAR Insurance company rushed home with the tape that ended the lives of innocent Ghanaian travelers! What a tragedy!
While on his way from Dakar with a taped cassette Mr Jarju was so much in a hurry to relay what he perceived as a hot finding of a special agent. The first place he reached was Barra.

Station Officer Jawara,CID Faal and Kausu Jarju and President Jammeh cordinated the killing of those poor Ghanaians.

Agent Kausu Jarju arrived in speed,he called the station officer inside his office then played the taped version of former Vice Chairman Sabally’s voice for them to hear. SO Jawara adopted the last name after baptising from Christianity to Islam. Formerly he used to bear the last name Mendy. SO Jawara(Mendy) is a tall lanky fellow. At the time his rank was that of an Inspector of police. While on posting at Barra the Inspector or station officer left his immediate family at a rented apartment in London Corner Serrekunda. Before that he lived at the official residence of the Kotu Police barracks along the Senegambia highway area. SO Jawara(Mendy) is known for being a lavish giver within the police. His source of added income comes from the earnings he received while serving at a UN peace keeping mission abroad.

How the tape with NIA agent Kausu Jarju bearing Sanna Sabally’s voice caused panic in Banjul then led to the massacre of 44(recorded) Ghanaians 53(original number)

The tape bearing Sanna’s voice increased President Jammeh’s paranoia then caused the killing of innocent Ghanaian citizens. Kausu after playing the tape for SO Jawara and others rushed to cross over then meet his colleagues at the NIA. This is where and when he revealed a lot more. Even before crossing the sea from Barra Kausu and Jawara informed the then Inspector General of police that he was convinced that an imminent attack was on the way to be led by former Vice Chairman Sanna B Sabally. Certainly this was far from the reality. He was simply using a wild decoy from a man who knows that President Jammeh is a paranoid loud coward. As soon as the information reached President Jammeh he ordered for all armed men and women of the GNA and his so called state guard to be on the alert. Contigents were deployed or redeployed to places they call strategic locations. Even before knowing the difference between false and reality President Jammeh Instructed the NIA to promote Kausu with Immediate effect. He was then posted to GAMSTAR Insurance as an under cover agent. It was purely a socio-econimic move. Kausu is there to help Jammeh and people like Amadou Samba cover their deals. We will touch on that in days to come.
Before visiting Sanna he was not at his new place.

Kausu was sent again to get more information from Sanna Sabally.

On his next leg Sanna Sabally was helped by God and no one else to escape the Jammeh-plan.
Before Kausu reached Dakar again for another round Sanna changed his location and cordinates he obviously knew that Kausu would come back to finalise his evil intensions. Jarju came to Dakar thinking that Sanna was still an easy target. He was disappointed. This time around he did not see Sanna neither could he call him. He could not even believe his eyes! Jarju went home without anything to say or show. This added more panic in Banjul and Kanilai. Kausu after his shock went home then said this to a girl friend…”fulas are betrayers,Sanna betrayed me..” If Kausu disputes this story we will reveal his girl friend’s name so that he can believe what he said. Agents like Kausu are a replica of Aziz Tamba they have said so much about the secrets of President Jammeh thinking that they can fool those they are putting under surveillance. I know Kausu very well he talks more than a parrot and can be made to talk very easily. He likes women who are plumpy. Just so he knows I know him very well.

Paranoid President Jammeh redeployed border patrols waiting for Sanna Sabally’s attack-Ghanaian “hustlers” killed for being at a ferry terminal! while waiting to be shipped to Spain.

The killing of those Ghanaians was done out of nothing but ill will and callous actions generated by paranoia. It was during these days of endless patrols and paranoia that a man called CID Faal a plain clothes CID officer at Barra police station caught up with these poor Ghanaians. Faal is fair in complex with dark lips. He never wears uniform. Faal is always in jeans and tee-shirts whether on or off duties.He is originally from Essau village just next to Barra.These people were openly waiting for their “travel agent” to be “secretly” transported to Spain by boats “hustlers” commonly call the “PERROS”
As soon as CID agent Faal saw these men waiting at the terminal around 2AM in the morning he pulled his pistol out then started shouting at these travelers with warnings in Gambian language.
Unfortunately for our brothers from Ghana this was the last straw for a paranoid state machinery.
Faal took their silence as a refusal or a form of resisting arrest. These Ghanaians stood before Faal like innocent children who could not talk because they could not understand a word out of what he was saying. Upon realising that they were not able to speak Gambian language Faal instead of finding out what these people were exactly doing at the terminal he continued to threaten them with a his MAB Pistol.He started using broken English he picked up at the military barracks. This at least made the poor travelers move with him.
He asked all of them to move as they were being arrested. The poor souls thought the arrest was related to violation of immigration laws. They followed Faal to the Barra police station without even showing any sign of resistance. There are private Gambian citizens who saw these helpless Ghanaians as they were being “herded’ towards the Barra police station. These poor souls had evian water bottles and dry biscuits with them. Would a mercenary look like that? Would a mercenary fighter come in the open,waiting for a boat within the vicinity of a police station? Faal because these poor souls stayed mute believed they were the attackers in question. But after seeing these people at the station why didn’t he at least interrogate them?

The helpless Ghanaians at Barra police station waiting to be picked up by the Gambian marines who were armed to their teeth.

While facing these poor souls with his loaded pistol jumping around like a drunken sailor,Faal hurriedly called SO Jawara. He was so excited saying that he has arrested all the rebels who have been sent to come and attack The Gambia. By who? Sanna Sabally. That in itself is disgusting and shameful.
Then he led all of them to the Barra police station. All of them were jam packed behind the station’s counter while Faal and co were yelling and jumping like hungry hounds. SO Jawara(Mendy) on his part called the then Inspector General of Police,DG NIA Daba Marenah(deceased) saying they have captured rebel fighters at Barra. These were his words…”the threats expected from Dakar or Sanna Sabally are true,we have captured all of them…” Can you Imagine how shallow these people are?

The Immediate deadly response from state house under the command of President Jammeh.

The state house under the command of President Jammeh deployed the Gambia marines, fully armed destination Barra. The marines or navy came with their speed boats to pick up those poor Ghanaians who were still not aware of the deadly danger that was waiting for them.In The Gambia a neighbouring country… This dark day for those poor souls was on the eve of the July 22nd celebrations of (Jammeh’s military coup) in 2005. They were taken to Banjul for further interrogations. Our investigations further revealed that upon arrival they were received by senior officers like Fugitive Colonel Ndure Cham(now in Dakar),Lang Tombong Tamba and IG Ousman Sonko. These three officers were ready to interrogate the captives and establish facts. However,that was not allowed by the state’s killing squad. Ndure Cham as the head of the army was helpless. So the state guard siezed the moment from him and others. Ndure may as well dispute or support these revelations if he wants to. We have more to share with him on that anyway.

Masked state guards with numberless military trucks surprised everyone at that place,bundled all the Ghanaians took them to be killed before day break!

Even before these senior officers could start asking any questions all of a sudden masked state agents from the fearful CHIAKAS, President Jammeh’s killing squad stormed the place. These masked men had special orders to follow from the big man Jammeh. They descended on the scene cared less about saluting the senior officers. They simply shackled all the Ghanaians then bundled them up into those numberless military trucks then drove off. First they stopped at the residence of the jailed former majority leader Baba Jobe in Kololi. This residence was siezed from Jobe by President Jammeh himself after a dispute over  a company called YDE-Youth Development Enterprise which Jammeh said is his(see the archives of the and imprints of the Paul’s commission) for further facts. If President Jammeh does not know anything about these killings then why were these captives taken to a house that belongs to him? A house where he lodged his own mother until her last trip to Mecca Saudi Arabia?
The Ghanaian interpol is lucky to have these secrets revealed to them on a silver plata. The ball is in their court now. Certainly it is not a mistake for them to go to Dakar and dig into this heinous crime further more.

The Final evil actions-our poor Ghanaian brothers were killed by braking their necks and hacking their limbs.

The truth about the killings that took place in The Gambia is that these poor souls were exterminated in a merciless manner.The CHIAKAS of President Jammeh’s state house were ordered to massacre without leaving traces. How did they do so? They broke the necks of those Ghanaians one after the other. Some were killed at the residence,others were killed near Batokunku just as the police officer Jadama reported in his master piece earlier on. 90% of those who captured were killed by braking their necks.
Others were hacked to death with sharp matchets, a la Rwanda style. This is not an exaggeration. This is exactly how they were exterminated by a paranoid President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia. For all those who say President Jammeh is a good man, they are yet to face the true colours of the man.

Cover ups and concealed clues or traces. Daily observer and CHIAKAS.

The Gambian leader and his killing squad were avoiding any possible means of leaving traces or clues behind. This is why he ordered his CHIAKAS to use hands or sharp objects to kill the captives. They avoided using bullets because they did not want to leave cases or serial numbers at the location or crime scene.

Bodies placed between Ghana Town in Brufut and the Atlantic Ocean then Daily Observer and the Gambia Television took over.

As soon as the heinous crime of excessive brutality was completed the same CHIAKAS or the Jammeh killing squad took the dead bodies and dismembered parts only to litter them around the swamps covering the area between Ghana Town and the Atlantic Ocean. They used that to say these poor souls were washed away from the sea after their boat capsized. That was not a “wise” lie. Next the state owned media took over. The daily observer wrote saying these people were washed away from the sea after their baot capsized. To date we have not seen where the boat sank neither have we ever heard anyone(owner’s) claiming to have lost a boat or a crew for that matter. The daily observer story was written by one Ebrima Jaw Manneh(see the archives or ask for a search and copy text). The latter will never be produced from Banjul. Because of the fact that they were killed on a rainy night the killers thought that was a chance for them to use the wet swamps and the sea shore as cover up. What baffles anyone is why did they choose to use the Ghana town in Brufut? This is another clue showing that they knew these people were from Ghana! Why didn’t they at least consult the head of Ghana town and repartriate the arrested to President Kufour with an indictment? The Gambia Radio and Television services also “blindly” reported the news without pictures showing the area or dead bodies. To date they cannot produce any video on that. Why? The journalists were directly warned under ground not to even think about filming that area during news coverage they know that ‘Bulfaaleh’ knows more than they could hide.
The last victim was Pa Jallow former PRO of the Gambia police. The man is on record ie when he openly said that the police suspected foul play therefore will pursue the matter. After uttering those words Pa Jallow was transfered to Kanifing where he is as a traffic cordinator.
More will follow suit. I ‘Bulfaaleh’ will never stay and watch callous people wreck our mother land. President Jammeh has to know that he will be taken out of power on a sunny day! He will see that day for himself.
The last clue that implicated President Jammeh-Kausu Camara alias (Bombardier) of the CHIAKAS was seen.
Kausu Camara a notorious killer at the state house was one of the leaders of the squad that killed the Ghanaians. Camara is commonly known as “Bombardier”. During the scuffle while bundling those captives his mask dropped! He was identified.
I spoke to the person who saw him today. If President Jammeh is ready to cooperate with the Ghana government let release Kausu Camara for examination through a lie detector or face trained interrogators outside The Gambia. Also there were passports and dollar notes found in the pockets of the slaughtered Ghanaians (as reported in Ebrima Jaw Manneh’s story on the daily observer). Why wouldn’t the Jammeh government release those passports to the Ghana government together with the dollars for forensic experts to study the items in questions scientifically? These are all clues at hand. Certainly the Gambian leader cannot deny killing these Ghanaians travelers. Already the Ghana government may need to know that three Gambian journalists and an army officer are ready to testify before a court of law of President Jammeh is taken a tribunal to face charges on crimes against humanity. If they are so interested to contact these parties and sponsor their trips let them contact the editor of the I ‘Bulfaaleh’ has shared these names with the editor already. May these souls rest in perfect peace!
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