Mercenaries in The Gambia- Kanilai, Banjul and other Areas under survey-Reveals Lamarana Jallow!
Mercenaries in The Gambia- Kanilai, Banjul and other Areas under survey-Reveals Lamarana Jallow!

Eduward Singhatey, Peter Singhatey, Yankuba Touray, Masaneh Kinteh, Balla Gaye and others targeted by Jammeh!!
…Gamtel Sale Causes rift in the army!

Yahya Jammeh Ordered for the Killing of Finance Minister Ousman Koro Ceesay!!

By Lamarana Jallow, son of The Gambia.

Dear Editors,

My fellow Gambians and friends of The Gambia, I’m back today with a deep secret from the office of the President in Banjul,  where I worked as a senior army officer. The following Secretaries of State and service men should open their ears and listen. There is a ploy reached by President Jammeh, Gen.Lang Tombong Tamba and Musa Jammeh. The ploy is to get rid of certain people in government suspected of opposing his recent move to sell GAMTEL, GAMCEL and GIA. The list of those targeted for elimination reads as follow: Edward Singhatey, Secretary of State, Yankuba Touray, Secretary of State and Musa Balla Gaye, Secretary of State. In the army, the following officers are targeted for elimination: Colonel Peter Singhatey, Officer Masaneh Kinteh and few other officers whose names I will preserved for security reasons. The above named individuals should watch their backs  from now on, as there is a ploy reached to eliminate them. The President is increasingly worried about his unilateral move to sell these parastatals. He has been fed by the NIA about the public reaction in town. And he thought that the best way to bring normalcy and confidence into his government is to divert public attention by eliminating these individuals. Sooner or later, something  imminent will befall this country. I have been busy taking care of certain assignments, but the above information was forwarded to my desk by one of our men.

The detailed intelligence report describes Edward Singhatey as an “enemy of the state.” who is sabotaging HE’S efforts to sell these institutions. When Jammeh came up with the idea of privatizing these institutions, Edu raised an objection for the sale of GAMTEL. His views were that GAMTEL was the nation’s only main source of income and should be preserved come what may. Edu never hides his views and HE is currently contemplating getting rid of him. Edu would be very lucky if he gets only an arrest. Plans are at an advance stage to frame him. There is a file before the intelligence community on the murder of former Finance Minister Ousman Koro Ceesay.

We all know that President Jammeh orchestrated the killing of Koro, but there is a ploy reached at this hour  to shift the blame on Edward Singhatey, Peter Singhateh and Yankuba Touray. The President is  the principal actor on Koro’s death. He left the country on that fateful evening  with “solid orders” that he wants  to see Koro dead before his return from his overseas trip. HE had a meeting with Ousman Koro Ceesay on that day, before leaving the country. One of  Jammeh’s bodyguards was assigned to receive Ousaman Koro at the state house on that fateful day. Soldier Pateh now in the US was present when Koro showed up at the State House. The president invited him for a purpose. That he wanted to see him eye to an eye before his killers execute  the planned  assassination.

I have no intention of exonerating the two Singhateys and Touray from blame. Those talking about Koro’s death should get their facts right before commenting on the matter. It’s unfair to cover President Jammeh when he had hands in Koro’s death. There is sufficent evidence linking him to the murder of Koro. President Jammeh had personal dispute with Koro prior to his gruesome murder. The whole problem centered on that year’s budget speech. He wanted the young economist  to falsify certain economic woes facing this country, which Koro refused to execute. Funds extended to the junta behind closed doors by Taiwan and other nations was part of Koro’s budget content. The President was unhappy about that. There and then his meeting with Koro ended prematurely. It was called off. The President had already premeditated sacking Ceesay, after a second thought he changes his mind. He killed Koro for two reasons. One, he never wanted Koro to disclose the millions Dalasis of funds diverted by Jammeh into his private use. These funds were extended to the country by Taiwan. Two, the President also wanted to minimize the potential damage Koro’s parting with his administration might have caused by taking his life. The President believe that Koro was capable of undermining his administration to the IMF and World Bank. That Ceesay was privy to a lot of state secrets and if expose means the end of the junta. The country’s private reserves was also part of the problem. Jammeh uses  these funds to secure arms.

The GAMTEL Scandal!!

I handled the President’s security convoy. I’m embedded within the ranks and file. The President recently assigned us to run some errands for him in Iran. I know what was said during our visit and plans reached. I was part of that delegation. I was also among the security team who advised Jammeh not to travel to Taiwan. For the past couple of months, we have been running his show outside this country. There is a fear factor in the mind of the President. He never trust the army, even though two of his favorite hit men are here-Lang and Mailia Mongu.

Edward Singhatey, Peter Singhatey and Yankuba Touray should arm themselves in days to come. They might as well be abducted and declared missing as  they did to Foday Makalo, Daba Marena and co. The President believe that these individuals are  sympathizers of the opposition. That they hardly say good things about his government. Edu and Yanks have long been playing low profile. They watched HE doing things by himself. Deep into their hearts, they believed  that Jammeh betrayed the revolution. And that’s the hard fact. Jammeh cares for his own pocket and no one else.

The NIA is investigating a coup report recently filed by an agent. I do not want to go into details because I happened to be one of the officers handling the said case file. There are names of perceived opponents in that list. I’m declassifying the report for public consumption. There is no coup. They just want to divert public attention. They are using the sale of GAMTEL, GIA and GAMCEL to implicate certain individuals. The opposition, the army top brass and cabinet ministers should be careful about what they say these days. Most of the agents assigned to investigate this matter are armed with mini tape recorders. They report to us about their daily findings.

Rebels in The Gambia!

An intelligence report currently before my desk, suggest that there are mercenaries in this country. They are scattered all over the country. The President don’t want us to use the term mercenary but armed robbers. These mercenaries attacked local communities. They are also targeting key government and private instillations based on the report we received. They have  in mind penetrating Kanilai, the president’s private villa and set his garden on fire. The purpose of this move is from a security perspective.

Each time I write something on Freedom, the President would summoned us and asked us about what is going on. I poised as if I don’t know what was going on.  He is worried by Lamarana’s postings. He is not happy about some of the security matters reported on Freedom. He will call us again because the NIA is  not alert. These mercenaries are well trained. They cannot aim and miss their target. They have been surveying Kanilai, the State House Banjul and some areas where the President frequents. This is no joke. The NIA are not doing their job. They call us soldiers with little knowledge, but in  terms of covert operations we can teach them. If the NIA or Jammeh want to down play this report, let wait and see what is going to happen.

The army is divided. The presence of the mercenaries in the country means more problem for us. These people can engage in subversive  activities to delegitimize the government. I’m not going to say where these mercenaries are from and who are they working for. All I’m going to say is that the security of the state is in deep jeopardy.

Jammeh’s mother coming to America!!

The President’s mother is visiting the United States. She is suffering from diabetics. While I was leaving for Iran, she was busy preparing for her visit. The old woman’s personal doctor disclosed to us about her US visit. Her chances of recovering is very slim because she as well suffering from heart related problems. She is supposed to stay in Washington area according to intelligence report reaching us.

The President is making life difficult for her mother. The old woman is displeased about Jammeh’s barbarity against our people. Here is a loving and caring woman. She helped me when Oga wanted to transfer me to the Fajara Barracks years back. Madam Azombie treats me like a son. She even lamented the way the President treated Lie Kujabi. She said to me ” I’m  worried about Jammeh’s  future. His enemies are more than his friends. We pray that he leaves the Presidency in peace. I’m worried.” I shook my head because this was a matter between a son and the mother. Making certain remarks against the President might as well land me in jail or in the graves. I told the woman that HE needs more advise to shape up the affairs of the state. That most of the people befriending him now, are not his true friends. The old woman was highly encouraged by my remarks. She promises to bring me some present upon her return from the US.

Peter Singhatey watch your back!!

During one of our meetings, HE told us that he suspects that Lamarana Jallow was Peter Singhatey. We just laughed over it. “Some of the issues he report on Freedom borders on National Security. I’m not sure who this Lamarana is, but you should do everything possible to monitor his activities. He is saying that he is an officer of the armed forces. Who in the armed forces can write such English? Do you read his wordings? I’m giving you an assignment to tell me who is Lamarana. If it means working with GAMTEL to monitor emails of the officers of the armed forces.” Jammeh said.

God knows Lamaran is not Peter. The President is dump. What makes him to believe that Lamarana is Peter. Does he mean to tell us that  there are no officers in the armed forces who can write good English? Remember, I process  and interpret intelligence reports forwarded by our men. I have been in the filed of security for many years now. Please stop blaming  Peter in his absence.

Lebanese Be forewarned!!

HE is living sooner or later and you should be mindful about the business errands you reached with him.  This country is ours and foreigners cannot come and  hijack our economy. For your information, the army is very upset about the sale of GAMTEL, GAMCEL and GIA. The NIA and the police are also not happy. We are not loyal to the system. We are just serving for the purpose of making ends meet.  Jammeh’s government will be history soon. Jammeh knows why he is doing all these things. He is working on a palace coup with Lang Tombong Tamba.  He wants to justify any coup that should come in the future by engaging in such  reckless business ventures to the detriment of the nation.  One of your contributors Horomsi once reported about Jammeh handing over the country to Lang. That’s a true story. He is grooming Lang to take over. If that happened, Lang will give him amnesty to stay here freely. He would be sitting at Kanilai dictating to Lang how to run this country. It would take time before Gambians will understand the irony behind Jammeh’s plans.

Lang and I are good friends. He never hide anything to me. You will wake up one morning hear that Lang is the new Head of State. Plans are afoot for the realization of the said deal. The President had good plans ahead. Most of the people talking don’t know what is in Jammeh’s mind. Musa Jammeh is likely to replace Lang if all plans worked out. This is Lamarana talking. The real Lamarana at the State House. I will be back with more damaging revelations. I got to run because we are supposed to meet with the President. Arbaraka Bandirabeh. Hackkundenallah Heckaewellaye.

Posted on Wednesday, August 22, 2007 (Archive on Friday, August 31, 2007)
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