Breaking News:KMC Acting Mayor Alieu Momar Njie Arrested!!
KMC Acting Mayor Alieu Momar Njie Arrested!!

Sources say Njie was being investigated on embezzlement of Funds

Police Spokesman Inspector Secka tells the Freedom Newspaper that Njie was granted bail pending the outcome of the investigations.

By Correspondent Famara Jammeh, Banjul.
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The Acting Mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council who replaced Francis Gomez on April 16, 2007 was on Thursday arrested, interrogated and bailed for unknown reasons, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Alieu Momar Njie, the acting KMC Mayor was arrested today interrogated and bailed. No reason was advanced for his arrest. But sources close to the situation have it that he is  the Commissioner of the Gambia Scouts Association and was named in an embezzlement associated to funds of the Scouts Association.

PRO of Police, Inspector Secka could not confirm why he was apprehended, detained and bailed. He told our Correspondent that  the matter was under investigation he could not comment. Police Spokesman Secka informed the Freedom Newspaper that once the investigations are complete, they will informed the press accordingly. Secka says Mr.Njie was indeed arrested but was release on  bail.

Before coming to the KMC, Alieu Momar Njie was the IEC Commissioner up country. When Francis Gomez, the then Acting Mayor of KMC was booted out in unclear cirmstances, he was taken to head the KMC. Gomez was given his sack warrant when he was at the cemetery burying his mother or immediately after his mother’s death.

Mayor Njie has not been sacked, he is on bail and the case may continue. Speaking to our Reporter, Mr’Njie confirmed about his arrest. The detained Mayor said he was granted bail but declined to comment further on the reason surrounding his arrest He was released on Thursday evening.

It is clear that under him the KMC started working on garbage dumps and some old garbage vehicles that were dead started work but the work still remains. Njie’s arrest came as a surprise to many here.

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