By Correspondent Famara Jammeh Banjul.
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A woman wounded by a man from Half Die in Banjul who brutally attacked the 28 -year- old at Sting Corner has been seen nursing her wounds while police continue looking for her. Zacqline Sambou 28, who was attacked on the 10th. August 2007 by one Sulaiman Ceesay of Half Die in Banjul nearly killing her as he dragged her from the road to the near by bushes is alive and nursing her wounds on the neck at Sinchu Alhajie with her sister.

According to information the man, the bandit Sulaiman Ceesay was on that day in hiding when Zackline Sambou passing around Sting Corner around Bond Road dragging her vehemently to the bushes. In the process he wounded the woman’s throat trying to kill her. A man saw the scene and rushed to the end and Sulaiman took to his heels. The woman was taken to RVTH and police continue to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, the woman, Zackline was discharged  without a statement from her until the bandit, Sulaiman Ceesay was apprehended recently and police could not trace Zackline.

Zaqline has been discovered at Sinchu Alhaji living with her sister nursing her wounds. The police have been given a tip off who are going there to take the woman with them for interrogation before the case is taken to the court.

It could be recalled that some time ago another woman who goes searching for oisters was beheaded by an unknown person leaving her decapitated body in the mud. THE AREA IS GENERALY FEARFUL AND POLICE HAD ISSUED a statement for people to avoid the area when it is late.

Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 (Archive on Thursday, August 30, 2007)
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