Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag:What Our readers say today?
By Seedy Darboe

Dear Editor,

I am a keen reader of Freedomnewspaper; but if I may hit the nail on the head, I was flabbergasted beyond doubt by reasons advanced by Lamarana to back his allegations that BB leaked some secrets. Is Lamarana trying to imply that the Gambia’s foreign currency reserves was Jawara’s, or was it that secrective that it should only be known by B.B. Darboe and Jawara alone. If the later was to be the case, what kind of democracy would that imply? Information about te Gambia’s foreign reserves should not be a secrect to anyone who serves as secretary of state for finance, be it under Jawara, Jammeh, or Lamarana himself. Does it also mean that if BB and Jawara were to die together, Gambians would have lost access to that reserves? In a true democratic society, information about all that Lamarana mentioned should be readily available at any point in time for us (Gambians) to hold our public officials accounatble. If BB and Jawara were withholding such vital information from us, then that is not defensible by any means. I am not a relative of BB nor was I a fan of PPP government, but I don’t want Lamarana to treat the readership of this paper as dummies. If you think you know everything, and can write about anything for public consumption, it must make sense for the writer’s own credibility. Putting my self in BB’s shoes, I would not waste a second of my time to respond to these vague allegations.
By  Seedy Jobe, UK

Thank you for allowing me space in your well read newspaper . Hi Lamarana Jallow, i have been following your reports but it seems you have personal grudges with some former state officials like BB Darbo. I am not trying to be the referee, but as far as am concerned your stories lacked beef to make them tasteful.Here is the case study, first and foremost you are trying to make us believe  that it’s Sir Dk Jawara who directly or indirectly makes BB to be in the position he is. Can you please elaborate on that as how and why? I am reserving my comments till i hear from you.

Also if BB betrayed Sir DKJ , Sir also betrayed his fellow PPP members and do you know why? I can give you my reasons for that. When Jawara was first given amnesty by Jammeh’s government , he Jawara could have refused because it’s not only him who was in exile. Today is that Jawara after all what Jammeh said about him is working with him not only that but also his properties been returned.

The question arise to every sound minded Gambian is that, why did Jammeh then overthrow Jawara’s regime? Why are you not taking on to jammeh about this , if you are truthful and you really mean in what you are calling for? Why can’t Jawara be brave to challenge Jammeh in the open to clear his name because a lot has been said about him and still remain unclear.Or Lamarana can’t you tell Jawara to do that as you claimed you sit and chat with him also it sounds like he is your friend.

If its wrong for BB to work with the Junta is it right forJawara to work with them? Lets be real lamarana and called a spade a spade! About the foreign reserves you are talking about does not make sense at all because whether is BB or whoever will be the then Finance minister got to do what BB does.Meaning you are executing your duties but does that give right to the administration in hand to loot the country’s foreign reserves?

Lamarana, the Gambia is the country that you like it or not belongs to all of us.In fact i don’t know what is your current status and am not interested but today and even yesterday it is people like you who make Gambia to be how it is! Because the people you keep talking about were your friends you claimed if i get you right. Remember, as the saying goes “birds of the same feather flocks  together. ” Therefore whatever you want to let us know.  Keep writing but we the readers are not fools. We are reading in between the lines. Bye for now. S.Jobe. UK. Seedy Jobe

Posted on Monday, May 28, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, June 02, 2007)
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