Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag:What Our Dear Readers Say Today!
By Sulayman Jammeh

Mr Editor,

Many thanks for your latest information about  Fatou Jaw- Manneh. Your article on the whole saga is absolutely accurate. From experience, I would like to indicate Fatou Jaw-Manneh freedom from NIA is not a huge boost for all of us. Having learnt about how Jammeh and his NIA cohorts operate, Fatou Jaw -Manneh is the least safe person in The Gambia. As a word of caution, I would advise her to avoid of making unnecessary movements in the Gambia, the NIA/ Junglers are bent on trying to assassinate her as they did in the case of Deyda Hydara. Once again a big thank you for your article.
By A Concerned Gambian

Thanks for the good job .All the news from your online newspaper are 100% correct and we are all behind the freedomnews paper.I would like you to thanks some of our lawyers who are always ready to defend people against the state.Lawyers like ousainou darboe,lamin b camara and Lamin Jobarteh.Presently in our country these are the only lawyers who are ready to stand against the state( i dont know what’s wrong with our other lawyers or what kind of trainning do they have,or do they believe in GOD).I think we need an expert to write and explain to some of our lawyers about their  duties in a country,they are not really functioning as expected . Thanks may God bless and guide you all.Long live freedom newspaper,long live the Gambia our motherland Banjul

Posted on Thursday, April 05, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, April 25, 2007)
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