Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag:What Our Dear Readers Say Today! By Saidy Adams In Cairo After reading this message, I was little bit disappointed to seeing our able Justice Sam and Karafa saying that, Under Islamic Sharia law, which is partly applied in the former British colony, men can marry as many as five wives. Are they trying to accusing Islam or the Gambian men or is it a pen mistake which I think if it’s the latter, you as the Editor, have to rectify before publishing it here on line ? But let me tell all of you that, Our this nobble “RELIGION” Never and will never change from where it started and what it advised us to do, whether we like it or not is the very truth, so please I’m appealing if they wrote it mistakely, let them repent for it and apologize the readers as many are now asking me this why are Gambians marrying more than what is stated in the Islamic law ? Which is only FOUR ? So let Justice be Justice to himself first and write the truth and let KARAFA knows that, His name in our LOCAL Mandinka Language means: “TRUST” So let him keep that trusty name and also write frankly about Islam ! I wish you can understand as professional in your field of journalism ! ! YOUR’S Saidy Adams In Cairo ……………………………………… By Torey. I think what you’re doing could be quite possibly one of the bravest things I’ve seen in an act to bring honest journalism to the attention of the population. I ‘m a student at the University of Florida in the United States and I will try to read your articles as often as I can. I am an African Studies Minor. Thank you for your bravery. ………………………… By A Concerned Gambian Pa Nderry Thanks for informing us about Waa’s defection to APRC. My sources within APRC have indicated to me that Waa has been offerred a job as Commissioner once he defects to APRC. However, the APRC machinery wants him to organise a nationwide tour with his NDAM lieutenants to declare the DEREGISTRATION OF NDAM as a political party and their new allegiance to the APRC. I will keep you posted when I get the next news item on this issue. ………………………………. By A Concerned Gambian Hi, Well before i start i will like to thank freedom newspaper and the whole team for the good news and hard work . But one thing I’m concerned about is MR MICHAEL SCALES. Well, i have nothing against him ,and i respect all what he has been doing for the Gambia and the investments etc ,but there is one thing i do not like as a Gambian and that is why is he interfering in the Gambian peoples lives, its Government etc. I feel is not normal let him go make comments about what is going on in his country, the United Kingdom its Prime Minister etc. The Gambian people have no problem and we do not need to know anything from him or want him to comment about issues in our country . I accept the fact that our President he Yahya Jammeh, has certain faults but no one is perfect so please with respect for the Gambian people and so on lets not let other people be who are not Gambians be making whatever comments or so about some gambians or its government ,we like your paper but we don’t like him and all his articles that most has no sense if he really wants to be involved in issues about the Gambia let him open his own site …… …………………………………………… Posted on Friday, April 13, 2007 (Archive on Monday, April 30, 2007) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC. : Powered

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