Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag:What Our Dear Readers Say Today!
By Gheran Senghore

Today is April 10th, its been seven years since you were killed. It does not seem that long ago when you were taken from us. I can still hear you laugh and see the smile on your face when we said good bye in the early hours of that morning. I think it must have been between 4-4:30AM, if I remember correctly. I feels like yesterday because I can still hear the strain on your voice as you gave that last report on the radio just minutes before you were killed. That last report that took your life. I miss you Omar, God knows what kinds of crazy things we would have been up to if you were still here. Bunja misses you too. The last time we were talking about you and I could hear the crack in his voice. I asked him if he was crying but he said no.

I know that he was crying but being that tough guy that he is, he would not admit it so I just let it go. I wish you could see Fatou, she is all grown up now and looks very beautiful. She has you dark complexion and looks just like you but ofcause she is much more better looking. Awa is also doing very well. She is as shy as the first time we met. But she is holding up real good. Atleast now she is beginning to talk much more about you. I dont know why I am writting this letter to youbecause at the good place where you are now at, I am sure that you already know all these things. All the same, I just thought it would be Ok to write you since I miss you so much.

I am sure that people like Awa, Fatou, Bunja, Alieu Badara, Baba-gelleh, D.A. Jawo, Pap Saine, Mbye Saine, Nian Jobe and thousands more miss you but one thing that I can assure you of is that none of us is letting you go. I guess  you and Dayda are the lucky ones hanging out in that peace and tranquility. Root for us my brother, root for those of us that you and Dayda left behind that one day we may join you in this wonderful place that you guys are now at. I will not write you any more letter, I’ll just wait until we meet, that way we can get to catch up on a whole lot of things. Rest in peace my Brother.
By Samba Wade

Assalaamu Alaykum Pap. If you were not married ,I would have let you  marry my
daughter Fatima who is mullat to you. Why, because you are the most
trustworthy journalist in the whole of the world. Just , imagine if
president Abdoulie Wade of Senegal should appear on the senegalese tv and
ask the reliogious leaders to come to him at the palace in dakar for aids
treatment. then the same day , the tijans the mourides, the hadirs and the
layens would take him out of Senegal. What are our religious leaders waiting
for. ibn mashood a sahaabi once said that the amiir meaning the religious
leader should not be afriend to the sultan. If the amir become a friend to
the sultan he becomes a hypocrite. Why should Uncle Burang John, imam Cherno
Kah and other members of the islamic counsel accept cars and money from rude
yaya jammeh.?

I pray every day and ask Allah subanah wataalah to end the
regim of the dictator Yaya Jukutjakat Jammeh. Yaya jammeh ,the thief,the
nyamaatoe,the most uncivilized President in history will one day end up just
like Samuel Doe and Saddam Hussien.

Sajaa taal is another alkoholick and weed smoker who neads help. Am asking Balla Musa Gaye  the finance minister to quit before its too late. Remember that Yaya sent some killers to kill lawyer ousman sillah who is married to Ballah Gaye’s  sister Ancha Gaye about three years ago. Who will be the next victim Fatou Jaw manneh , lawyer
Jobatteh, lawyer Mariam Jack or imam Baba Ley….. Keep up  the good
job  Pap. We  love you , the wade family masamba, natalie ,fatima,jogomai and
majambal wade.

Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2007 (Archive on Monday, April 30, 2007)
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