The 64th Independence day celebration in India is marked as also the celebration of the call for Freedom from Corruption. In this fight against corruption Anna Hazare is recognized as the hope of the country. It is difficult not to recognize the similarities in the challenges that are faced by Anna Hazare in the Congress Raj and those which Mr Gandhi faced during the British Raj.

The way some Congress leaders speak it is clear that they have a shameless commitment to corruption. British were far more civil. No leader from the ruling party has any sense of proportion or justice when they speak against the members of the Civil society who are taking the lead in the anti corruption movement.

Unfortunately no ordinary member of the Congress party has come out with their opposition of corruption whether they accept the leadership of Anna Hazare or not. It is time that the aam admi within the Congress party distances himself from the corrupt leaders and strengthens the anti corruption movement. Some of the young leaders in the party should think of leading this Congress movement against corruption and save the historic name of Congress as a name associated with the freedom struggle in the country.

At the same time it is time for all the apolitical  citizens of India to prove that they are against corruption and if today the symbol of anti corruption is Anna Hazare, then it will be necessary to support him. How each one expresses himself is left to him. He may fast if he so likes. He may conduct public prayer meetings if he wants or use any other media to express solidarity with the anti corruption movement. The future of the country would be bright if we can free India from the clutches of corruption and by implication, from the clutches of corrupt politicians.

When we recall the Gandhian movement which brought us the freedom,  one does feel that Gandhi succeeded because the British had some commitment to democracy and were human at heart. We cannot deny that there were many British citizens who supported the Gandhian call for freedom which gave strength to the movement.

We wonder if the members of the current ruling party in the country are human enough to respond to the new Gandhian movement in the form of Anna Hazare. It took several years for the Indian freedom struggle to succeed. May be the struggle for freedom from corruption will also take several more years. But a beginning has been made in 2011 which singularly remains the year which symbolizes the replica of the Quit India  Call, the Jallianvala Bagh incident and the Salt Satyagraha in the context of the Anti Corruption movement.

Jai Hind, Jai Corruption Free India

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