I have been sitting on this a couple of days to see what the response from blogosphere. In an effort to raise a cacophonous outcry, the Department of Homeland Security is about to release some regulations that would require government permission before any person may enter or leave the country. Initially, the lack of corroboration made me doubt the veracity of this claim. Further internet research uncovered the disturbing reality of this program, or at least government musings on its existence. Any American possessing an iota of common sense can see the absurdity of this regulation.

First, it allows the federal government to revoke someone’s citizenship by refusing to let them reenter the country. This does away with the concept of natural citizenship. If the government can do away with a person’s status as an individual, they reject that person’s claim to all the rights that go with this important distinction. Those benefits mean little, if anything, if the government has the right to reject citizen status. Moreover, many countries with similar policies have found themselves enemies of the United States. It rejects the fundamental freedom of movement and debases notions of liberty. Anyone who thinks that this will be enough to keep American’s safe knows little of the world. This policy smacks of the xenophobia that has buttressed oppressive regimes throughout history. This all goes without consideration for the constitutionality of the proposed regulations.

By: R. Andrew Smith
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