Kevin Federline is now giving tickets away. Tickets to his show at the House of Blues in Chicago last night cost absolutely nothing. Why? Because they hadn’t been selling. Surprise, surprise. This comes after he postponed a concert at Webster Hall in New York a few days earlier for three hours because only 300 people showed up. The venue has a capacity of 1,500. Apparently, Kevin begged to perform, and then was only on stage for 30 minutes, hoping (in vain) that more fans would arrive. Another concert in Cleveland was cancelled. Maybe that’s why no one wanted to buy tickets in Chicago. Or maybe it’s because he’s not good. Any fame or popularity he had came from his soon-to-be ex-wife. According to a poll on, 83 percent of 20,294 voters think K-Fed’s career is a joke.

And he just wants to be taken seriously because he’s so “dedicated” to his career and providing for his four children. K-Fed says even though he had to pay to make his debut album, which just came out, he is planning a second album that “caters to women” next year. He plans to work in the music industry until he’s 30, which is two years away, but it remains to be seen if, with his dwindling popularity, he will last that long.

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