According to a recent report there will no longer be free asbestos testing for people in Libby. A free testing program has been in place since 2003, with residents receiving health tests. This is because of the contamination that was caused by the nearby vermiculite mine belonging to WR Grace.

The funding for the program so far has come from the Center for Disease Control. However, the report states that the funding for the program has now been exhausted and the center can no longer cover the cost of screenings and health checks.

Many residents in the area have developed asbestos related health problems, including malignant mesothelioma, as a result of the contamination in the area. Libby was added to a list of superfund sites that needed to be de-contaminated and cleaned up.

The screenings were known as Montana Asbestos Screening and Surveillance Activities, or MASSA, and so far has provided around four thousand free tests for over three thousand residents in the area. The free screenings led to a number of residents finding out that they had asbestos related diseases.

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