Cash, Endorsement, Media Attention–both Good and Bad–for the Thompson Campaign

Five Reports on the Fortunes of Fred 

Fred Thompson Media Watch: More of the Same

What’s the Prognosis This Week for Thompson?

In the last three or four days, Fred Thompson’s campaign has received more of the same from the many of the same sources.


* The Thompson campaign another endorsement by a Pro-Life Group. This time it was the Rhode Island Right to Life lining up behind the former Senator from Tennessee.

* Fund-raising was encouraging and over $300,000 was reported raised in the 24 hours following the Debates in South Carolina.

* A primary will finally take place in a state that has a significant amount of conservative voters, South Carolina.

If one read only the Mainstream Media Mouthpieces, the printing of Huckabee-Obama ballots could commence.

Oh wait, that was last week.

Well, then maybe McCain-Clinton is the way the country is going?

No, if one read or listened to only the Mainstream Media, the presidential race is over, nearly over, gonna be over. It depends–on how the candidates that embody the Mainstream’s hopes, wishes and dreams–are doing.

Fred Thompson isn’t one of those press darlings; there being very few conservative members of the Mainstream Media.

What were the Negatives? What other good tidings for the campaign were received?

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Fred Thompson’s Week: More Endorsements, More Cash, More Attention 


Fred Thompson’s Week: More Endorsements, More Cash, More Attention

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