With rumors bubbling about a September 5th official launch date and gossip gurgling around the non-candidate’s wife Jeri, the non-campaign website of non-candidate Fred Thompson gets a makeover.

The biggest most eye-catching section on the homepage displays videos, which should play to one of Thompson’s strengths (recall the video response to Michael Moore). Other sections also prominently feature video.

Navigation buttons across the top include:

  • About Fred
    a biography & photo gallery
  • Principles
    currently Federalism is the only category independent of the summary — more work needed
  • Newsroom
    press releases, news articles, commentaries, & speeches
  • FredCast
    currently nonoperational but I would guess a live webcast link — the webtechs need to fix that link
  • Volunteer HQ
    organizes volunteer efforts such as raising funds and planning events
  • Register to Vote
    pick your state and fill in your info — I would be leery of typing in the requested (and required) identification information
  • Fred File
    the original non-campaign blog continues
  • Downloads
    now including a headline widget

A big hole that remains is a photo stream for bloggers — the photo gallery is done with Flash™ and can’t be copied. The Newsroom provides no photos except for a generic head shot accompanying a single featured story.

[cehwiedel also writes at cehwiedel.com]