Fred Thompson’s down home folksy quips can win a senate seat but the Ah shucks I’m just a simple truck driving county lawyer persona may not play too well when the spirit of water gate past pays a visit.

Fred was the Nixon white houses man on capitol hill. Some call him a mole but in fairness and within the context of the era he was simply a loyal foot solider making his bones.

Candidate Thompson is the cream of the GOP crop which is not saying much for the menu this time around. 

Thompson’s entry into the presidential race must have been silently welcomed by democrats as they strive to craft the all but certain 08 win into a possible tidal wave victory. 

To claim a true mandate in the 08 presidential race requires a repeat of the stunning congressional 06 midterms. The republican game plan is to avoid across the board losses, retire from the field and regroup for the next midterm. 

A landslide victory for the democrats would carry over into governorships and statehouse races and change the face of American politics for the next twelve years.

It would also drive a stake through the heart of neoconservative evangelical political ideology. The Fred Thompson who thinks he has a fair shot at becoming president is a few years too removed from the Fred Thompson in his senatorial prime.

If your political flavor is cold war traditional conservative ideology then Fred’s credentials for the job are impeccable He should have been Ronald Reagan’s veep and capped his public service as our last world war II generation President.

I speculate having a second wife younger then your daughter contributes a great deal to imagining its possible to recapture the glory days of youth when you should be enjoying your golden years.    

John McCain the other fellow in the race who is to stubborn to acknowledge his time and era is far past should appreciate why Fred is committing to a race that will sap his mental and physical resources.         


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