The Fred Thompson Campaign Picked Up a Key Endorsement

Evangelical Author, David Jeffers, Endorsed Thompson

Jeffers Not Only Offered His Endorsement, But Offered Reasons Why Thompson Was to Be Preferred by Evangelical Voters Over Rival Mike Huckabee

Thompson Good Choice For Jesusland

Fred Thompson picked up an endorsement sure to help in the battle with Mike Huckabee for conservatives, on the eve of the next battle for primary votes: Michigan.

Evangelical author, David Jeffers, not only came out with an endorsement for Thompson, he was effusive in his praise for the former Senator from Tennessee.

He also provided a counterweight to those how might be leaning towards opponent, Mike Huckabee, listing reasons why Thompson was a better choice for evangelicals in the Bible Belt, or Jesusland.
Senator Fred Thompson is far and away the best conservative candidate to represent those who live in Jesusland, according to David Jeffers, author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland.

Evangelical endorsements are important for the Thompson campaign in the battle with Mike Huckabee, a Southern Baptist minister, for conservative Christian voters.

Conservative, Christian Evangelical voters are a key voting group, especially for the upcoming South Carolina primary. Thompson will battle Huckabee for this important Republican voting segment.

Jeffers offered Evangelicals plenty of reasons for choosing Thompson over Huckabee.

What were they?

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Fred Thompson Picks Up Key Evangelical Endorsement  


Fred Thompson Picks Up Key Evangelical Endorsement 

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