Evangelical Leader Comes Out for Thompson

Dr. Gary Cass Endorses Fred Thompson 

Solidifying His Base 

Fred Thompson got another endorsement. It wasn’t from a conservative publication, as Mitt Romney did yesterday in picking up National Review’s endorsement. Thompson narrowly lost out on that one.

This one was from a well-known Christian evangelical leader.

Dr. Gary Cass, of Reclaim America and Christian Anti-Defamation League, came on board the Thompson campaign endorsement bandwagon.

The endorsement helps Thompson in the continuing solidification of his conservative Christian base.

“It is my distinct pleasure to give my personal endorsement to Senator Fred Thompson for President of the United States,” said Dr. Cass.

“Fred Thompson’s natural style and consistently conservative voting record will distinguish him from the others. This powerful combination has gained him the support of the largest pro-life organization in America, the National Right to Life Committee PAC.

In an increasingly dangerous world, our nation needs a proven, conservative leader who will stand strong for America and our way of life. Fred Thompson is that leader.”

More on Cass and the endorsement with pictures.

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Fred Thompson Picks Up Evangelical Endorsement 


Fred Thompson Picks Up Evangelical Endorsement

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