The Fred Thompson campaign Announces Latest Bus Stops

Campaigning for Support in Iowa

Energetic Campaign Battles “Lazy” Label, Non-Coverage by Press
While the press consistently ignores Fred Thompson, his campaign quietly goes about its business. What coverage the Senator receives is still marked by the “lethargic” claim.

But that’s a theme for another story.

The “Clear Conservative Choice Hands Down!”–as the Thompson Bus Tour in Iowa has been named by the campaign–announced the latest updates for the next three days leading up to the Iowa caucuses.

Among the stops listed are those in Fairfield and Burlington, IA.

The Fred Thompson campaign announces the following updated schedule for the second leg of Senator Thompson’s bus tour through Iowa from December 27-December 29.

Senator Thompson will appear live tonight on both FOX radio’s John Gibson Radio Show and FOX’s Hannity & Colmes tonight. He will also appear live on CNN’s American Morning tomorrow morning, Friday December 28th. An additional downtown in Montezuma, IA, has been scheduled for Saturday December 29th.

Traveling media should contact Darrel Ng at to reserve a seat or for more information regarding the bus tour.

Members of the public who would like to RSVP or receive more information about the events should contact (515) 276-9427.

Complete bus tour stops for the next three days.

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Fred Thompson: Iowa Bus Tour Stops Announced


Fred Thompson: Iowa Bus Tour Stops Announced

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