Thompson Campaign Announces Group to Lead Nevada Election Bid

Group includes State Senators, party activists, businessmen

Nevada Latest State Thompson Campaign Has Solidified Organization 
The Fred Thompson Campaign added another group of political veterans to aid the Tennessee Senator’s quest for the presidency.

Included on the Thompson Nevada Leadership Team are several State Senators, party activists and businessmen.

Today the Fred Thompson campaign announced its State Co-Chairs and statewide leadership in Nevada. State Senator Bob Beers and State Senator Barbara Cegayske will serve as Nevada Co-Chairs.

Nevada Senator Bob Beers has spent the last eight years representing Nevada. First elected to the Nevada Assembly in 1998, Beers was elected to the State Senate in 2004. A former Republican candidate for Governor of Nevada, Beers has spent his entire public career fighting for lower taxes.

“I am honored to serve as State Co-Chair of Senator Thompson’s Nevada campaign,” said State Senator Beers. “A strong consistent conservative, Fred Thompson understands the importance of lower taxes and smaller government in ensuring our long term prosperity.”

A Nevada resident since 1974, Barbara Cegavske was elected to the State Assembly in 1996 and served as District 5’s Assemblywoman for three terms from 1997 to 2001. She was elected to the State Senate in 2002 and has served as Vice Chair of both the Senate Resources and Facilities and Legislative Affairs Committees.

Who’s else is on the Thompson Nevada team?

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Thompson Campaign Announces Nevada Leadership Team 


Thompson Campaign Announces Nevada Leadership Team 

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