There is so much ‘new’ music around, why would you wish to dip into the past? Well my simple answer is, ‘just because it is new, does not mean it is better. Sometimes it is fun to dip into the past, and MVD’s new DVD Frankie Laine – That Lucky Old Sun is a good example. It features a concert that Frankie gave in 1976 that was featured on a BBC special. Filmed in the well known ‘Crucible Theatre’, in Sheffield, England, it is a wonderful testament to a great performer. Frankie Lane passed away on February 6th 2007, at the age of 93. This was a sad loss from a generation of singers, who, maybe were not songwriters in their own right, but could take someone else’s words and make them their own.

Featured on this DVD are such classics as Love Story, the ever raunchy Raw Hide (although I must admit that my favorite version is on the original Blues Brothers movie), and the delightful Jezebel.

I enjoyed this DVD a great deal; it was fun to watch a master work the crowd. His quips between songs are delightful. Even though the concert was videotaped over 30 years ago, the quality of both the video and audio is outstanding. 

You can get your own copy (well I am not giving you mine!) direct from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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