Frankie B Washington is an alumnus of Butera School of Art in Boston, which is also the setting for his new independent comic book series “Peace”. Frankie B not only took on the enormous task of writing, rendering the art and producing “Peace” but creating a whole universe complete with its own creation story and pantheon of deities (#0). Based on a dream by the author, “peace” is an indie effort that seems to mature with each issue.

The cover art by Crystal Correia is a menagerie of digital images somewhat reminiscent of Dave Mckean’s work; it is enough to peak your interest. The inside pen and ink and layout work by Frankie B. Washington is equally impressive creating dynamic and creative visuals within each page. You can clearly see where his influences lie (Jack Kirby for one), but Frankie definitely has a style his own.

The story is set in the future with flashbacks or “mind mergings” into the past. The present story deals with hard sci-fi issues like alternative energies, enhanced bio-suits, mutations, etc. while the flashbacks from the main character Mertoth (a kind of cross between The Maxx and Thor) deal with metaphysical subjects like creation theory, cosmic energy and psionics. The whole thing reminds me of a chapter of a story I would find in an old Heavy Metal Magazine or Marvel’s short-lived Epic Magazine.

Although, I found it, at least the first three issues, a little difficult to follow. There are just so many characters and concepts being introduced, it’s hard to grasp were the story or stories are going. I think “Peace” is a great beginning effort and Frankie B. Washington is just setting us up to what looks like a pretty extensive universe with plenty of characters and themes to play with including himself (#0). I think like a fine wine this one is going to get better with time, which really just makes me want to see what happens in the next issue.

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