As long as they don’t begin shaking hands everything is still okay, right?

Not only are Merkel and Sarkozy as people about as dissimilar as two world leaders can get (he’s a man, for instance, she isn’t), their world views don’t wirklich (really) seem to jive, either.

Berlin got upset recently when Sarkozy attempted to take the credit for a successful EU summit which had been organized by Germany. The Germans didn’t care much for the French showboating with the Bulgarian nurses recently, either (Sarkozy’s wife got to play a leading role).

The French President, for his part, seems to be getting touchier and touchier all the time. Everyone seems to have begun asking themselves where all the French fireworks are he implicitly promised. By getting elected, I mean. His first “hundred days” are long over and it’s still noticeably quite quiet on the western front. Merkel is definitely the more slow and steady type – and she seems to be getting better with age (two years now).

And now he’s mad at Germany because they still don’t want to do nuclear energy even though he has personally told them it is perfectly safe to do so and a beautiful thing, etc. Worse still, Germany’s Minster for Finance, Peer Steinbrück, in that wonderfully direct way that Germans sometimes have of being wonderfully direct, directly attacked Sarkozy’s financial policies and Sarkozy, being King or Czar or whatever the hell he is, well, had a cow in the face of so much impertinence.

Anyway, the harmonious days of the Franco-German schmooze fest between Chirac and what’s-his-name (that German Gazprom President dude) seem over for good. For awhile, at least. Thank goodness.

À bientôt, Angela!

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PS: Well, to be perfectly fair, they do tend to agree about some things.

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