The UK Guardian (which represents the Left/Labour in the UK) is predicting riots in the streets if Sarcozy is elected. Of course, since his opponant essentially gave them a green light to riot, such blackmail sounds familiar.

Indeed, one wonders if Royale is not a mirror image of Hillary, saying people should vote for her because the opponant is evil, doesn’t care anything for children, is a warmonger, and will cause poor people to riot in the streets.

Sarcozy dared to describe “youths” as “scum” and “thugs” for rioting and burning about 10 000 cars during the summer, thereby winning the Imus award for colorful language.

Yet the dirty little secret is that if Sarcozy wins, the one who will benefit the most will be the suburbs.

The French welfare system prevents the economy from forming new jobs. And, of course, law and order mainly benefit not the rich, who live far from the ghettos of the “immigrant suburbs’, but those who are languishing from joblessness and suffer from petty crime or worse by unemployed youth.

The trade unions are part of the problem…
Various governments have tried over the past 12 years to implement laws to free a stagnating economy, each time backing down after noisy street protests, some of them led by Thibault and his followers from the placard-wielding far left… Only about 8% of French workers belong to trade unions but they have a powerful grip on public services and some important companies, making it easy for them to paralyse the country by blocking transport systems.

And Sarcozy has the nerve to diss the ideas of 1968, which allowed street mobs to run the government.

To those of us of a certain age, it sounds like Reagan redux. Or Rudy Redux.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines

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