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Fracture – Movie Review

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“A perfect shot from Anthony Hopkins”
_ Fracture _
Title: Fracture
There are actors and then there are actors. I am beginning to think that as with musicians, some actors just have this gift. This talent. This technique. I mean what makes some guitarists able to do more with one note than most can do with 12 chords? Maybe it’s an inner ability and passion for the art. It is unexplainable and so I am not sure why I keep trying to explain it here. In the new dramatic thriller Fracture we see acting as it should be. Natural, believable and solely one with its character. I am speaking of Anthony Hopkins and his continued flawless performances.
I am glad I as able to follow this up on the heels of last weeks Perfect Stranger. It is a perfect study of what works and what doesn’t. Though Stranger had a great twist at the end it failed to deliver what was put on paper. Fracture on the other hand took well written dialogue and combined it with perfect cast selection in order to allow the parts to dance. I use this comparison a lot but it is like comparing a love song to a commercial jingle. Both have words and music but only one is art.
In Fracture we have Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) who is charged with attempted murder of his wife Jennifer (Embeth Davidtz). Ted begins a cat and mouse game with hot shot, Assistant DA Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling). Willy, who never loses cases, finds himself with no evidence and a string of technicalities that may allow Ted to walk. To make matters worse Ted is a cunning foe who finds every way possible to expose Willy’s failures. He is making Willy a laughing stock and could destroy his entire career.
Hopkins is part Hannibal in the way he manipulates Gosling. This is where Hopkins always shines. The way he can look at a person blankly but you know he is reading every inner thought. Gosling does great too as a southern born, up and coming LA lawyer. He could have stepped right out of a Grisham novel with his arrogance and down home charm. Ryan holds his own in the presence of Hopkins and the two flow nicely together.
Fracture is rated R for language and some violence. This not a fast paced, edge of your seat thriller but instead a clever mental bout between two men. You find yourself liking both equally for who they are. Those with short attention spans may have a little trouble staying on board but if you like witty dialogue that is delivered perfectly in a nice legal game; this will be your flick. I give it 3.75 out of 5 appeals. With a look at Fracture, I’m Matt Mungle
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