Still mad as f*ing hell about all the f*ing commercialism Berlin’s Loveparade f*ing brought down upon their now f*ed-up scene, and despite the f*ing fact that the f*ing Loveparade died and went to f*ing Ruhrpott (the industrial Ruhrgebiet, a modern German synonym for hell) years ago, Berlin’s f*ing anti-parade par excellence (or at least that’s sure the f* what they would like it to f*ing be), the F*parade, will be taking place again this f*ing year, too.

Starting at the same f*ing place where – now f*ing get this – policeman f*ing unlawfully confiscated f*ing walkmen and radios from f*ing F*parade demonstrators way the f* back in 2001 (August 18th at f*ing Frankfurter Tor), the f*ed-up F*parade will f*ing parade through f*ing town again, for f* sakes.

So be there or be a f*ing f*-face. And bring your own f*ing Techno because we don’t have any of those f*ed-up commercialized sound trucks anymore (they cost a f*ing fortune) and maybe bring a f*ing gasmask, too, while you’re at it because the f*ing cops are bringing along their f*ing tear-gas for f*ing free. You f*ers.

Ich f*ing liebe Musik.

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