Fox has announced its new show, “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” Adults will be asked questions culled from “typical” fifth grade textbooks. Naturally, most of the contestants find this prospect daunting. Let the laughter begin. Maybe it’s my ten years as an elementary school teacher, but I don’t see the humor in ignorance.

I’m not an “American Idol” fan, but I do enjoy “So You Think You Can Dance”. I laugh just as hard as anyone else when someone deluded and uncoordinated auditions. I’m not a TV snob. I love “Desperate Housewives”. I’m not picking on trashy TV, per se. I won’t even pick on Fox (Fox News, well, that’s a story for another blog), because they were smart enough to bring back “Family Guy”.  

There’s a difference between an inability to sing or dance (but trying anyway) and an inability to retain fifth grade material. The contestants on “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” are not simply deluded. They are woefully stupid and proud of it. It’s one thing to let the nation know you can’t sing, it’s quite another to show that you’re an idiot, isn’t it? Am I the only person who sees a difference between the lack of a talent and the lack of an intellect?

I am all for creative endeavors being recognized on national television, even if half of the recognition is Simon Cowell making fun of people.

But maybe they’ll put the funniest bits on YouTube.



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