In a confusing and surprising move, Twentieth Century Fox announced Wednesday that it will not be showing several films that it had planned to at next week’s Comic-Con in San Diego. They claim that the material is not yet ready to air. The decision does not appear to have anything to do with Comic-Con itself.

The films being pulled from the event include:

“Jumper” starring Hayden Christensen and director Doug Liman

“Aliens vs. Predator” directed by Colin and Greg Strause

“Babylon A.D.” starring Vin Diesel and

“Hitman” starring Timothy Olyphant.

A spokesman for Comic-Con finds the move unusual. However, the studio later announced that it was reconsidering its decision. They say that they plan to have a surprise for fans at the convention. Whether or not this announcement is to create media for attention for Fox’s “surprise” or not cannot be certain until Comic-Con is underway. In the past, studios have used Comic-Con as a place to launch new, highly anticipated films such as “Spider-man,” “300,” and “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

Rival companies including Paramount, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Bros., New Line, Lionsgate, and more are still confirmed for the convention. They plan to have star-filled panels, screenings, sneak peeks, and other promotions. Fox Atomic, the studio’s younger concentrated department, will hold raffles and giveaways for the Kevin Bacon film “Death Sentence” and Rainn Wilson’s “The Rocker.” They will also introduce a new line of graphic novels based on “28 Days Later,” “The Hills Have Eyes,” and “The Nightmare Factory.” About 123,000 people are expected to attend the convention.

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