According to TV Newser, a 24-year old Fox News production assistant was fired this morning for an admission she made on the red carpet last night.

During last night’s Time 100 gala, 24-year old Jennifer Locke was on assignment with Fox News crew in tow to cover the entertainment angle of the event.

When John McCain walked by she said this:

“I voted for you in the primary, you’re going to win.”

To which McCain responded:

“You’re not supposed to reveal that.”

Locke explained to the Senator that she’s the daughter of a Vietnam Vet.

Supposedly, Insiders were “shocked” and one person called it “journalistically unacceptable”.

I agree that the comments were inappropriate given the circumstances and indeed unacceptable while she was fulfilling her role as a journalist.

However, I suspect what the so-called “insiders” really found unacceptable was that Locke supported McCain instead of swooning over Obama.

If the media at large was really worried about protecting journalistic integrity they wouldn’t allow the vast majority of television and print media to all but outright campaign for Barack Obama.

If everyone was held to the same standard as Ms. Locke, MSNBC would have to shutter its news operation entirely.

At any rate, Fox News reps are saying today that Ms. Locke is no longer employed at FNC.

-Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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