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Forty-three years ago today the entire nation went into shock! This was the kind of shock reserved for the most treacherous of occasions such as an attack on an American landmark or the assassination of an American idol. Forty-three years ago today a sitting American president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was killed by a sniper’s bullet in Dallas, Texas and our government’s leadership changed hands on the premier Air Force jet, Air Force One, before the plane left Dallas for the sad return trip to Washington D.C..

John Kennedy was in Dallas that day to mend fences. This was the year before the next presidential election and JFK was getting his reelection campaign started. In the previous presidential election (1960), the Kennedy-Johnson ticket had won Texas, but just barely, and had lost the election in Dallas in spite of the fact that Lyndon B. Johnson, Kennedy’s running mate, was a well-known Texas Senator.

Historically, John Fitzgerald Kennedy may not be considered to be the best U.S. president but the three years he served held powerful memories:

  • Memories of a young, charismatic president with a strong hand on the reins of our government.
  • Memories of JFK’s determination to stand strong against an ever-increasing threat from Russia and the dramatic events that unfolded when he threw down the gauntlet, forcing Russia to remove missiles from Cuba.
  • Memories of an era they called “Camelot; a young, well-loved president with his beautiful family in the White House and on holiday.
  • Memories of JFK’s speech at the Berlin wall where he declared American solidarity with the free people of Berlin with the words “Ich bin ein Berliner.”
  • And, of course, the enduring memory of that day just less than five months after his Berlin speech . . . this very day in 1963, when “Camelot” was shattered.


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