The “American Dream” used to be someone who was down and out being able to use ingenuity, elbow grease, and stick-to-itiveness to lift themselves out of the gutter and become a success.
     Then along came FDR and pretty much killed it with his social programs. Instead of trying to work your way out of the bottom portions of society, it is much easier to kick back, relax, eat off food stamps, live off housing programs, and get your spending money from other welfare programs.
       Apparently, the Nobel committee prefers the former approach. These days, the American Dream belongs to Bagladesh. Sure, they are getting a little bit of help…very little. But they are also engaged in helping one another as a community instead of forcably taking from their neighbors through taxes, fees, etc., and responding by not working. There are a lot of people here who can learn a lot from there.

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