Six militants have been arrested in New Jersey for plotting to “kill as many soldiers as possible” at the Fort Dix Army training base.

The suspects have been planning this attack for more than a year and were caught attempting to buy automatic weapons from an FBI informant. The FBI began to investigate when a video tape was delivered to a shop in January of 2006 to be transferred to DVD. This tape contained disturbing footage of 10 men training for Jihad and a store worker notified the authorities. Six of the 10 seen in the video are the suspects who were apprehended on Monday.

Four of the six militants were from the former Yugoslavia, one from Jordan and one from Turkey. Three of the six were illegally in the U.S and all six had been living in the states for “some time”.

Training was being conducted by the militants in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania and they were studying and mapping out the bases at Fort Dix and Fort Monmouth in New Jersey, also Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, and the U.S. Coast Guard Building in Philadelphia.

Press Secretary Tony Snow stated that “there is no direct evidence” that the suspects have ties to Al Qaeda.  That’s good since we have been fighting The War on Terror in Iraq to keep from fighting it here at home. It would be terrifying to think that somehow that strategy didn’t work.


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