Top General Warns of Constitutional Changes
If there was such a thing as a Do-It-Yourself Dictator Kit, Hugo Chavez would be following the instructions closely and doing it by the numbers.

A top general and Chavez ally spoke out against the strongman’s attempt to change the constitution in an effort to bring about his Socialist Paradise. More on this from CNN

An ex-general who helped President Hugo Chavez through an abortive coup against his leadership in 2002 publically broke with the president Monday over proposed constitutional changes.

Approval of the proposed changes “would in effect finalize a coup d’etat, brazenly violating the constitution,” former Defense Minister Raul Baduel said at a news conference. “The Venezuelan people should categorically reject this fraud.”

Venezuela’s pro-Chavez National Assembly on Friday overwhelmingly approved a package of 69 changes to the 1999 Constitution. The changes would institutionalize Chavez’s bid to implant a new model of development — called “Socialism for the 21st Century” — in the country while strengthening the power of the executive to rule by decree. It would also change electoral rules and allow a sitting president to seek unlimited re-election — grandfathering Chavez into that system.

Though the National Assembly is overwhelmingly pro-Chavez, large segments of the population are not swayed. There were protests both against the proposed changes and Chavez.

Watch VIDEO of Protesters in Venezuela.

General Baduel had some words of warning.

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 Former Chavez General Speaks Out

 Former Chavez General Speaks Out


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