Obama Justice Department lawyers have asked a Federal Judge to toss out the corruption conviction against former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens because they discovered the Bush administration Justice Department prosecutors were actually the ones engaged in corruption and misconduct.
Republicans, the traditional ones, Like former Senator Stevens are discovering on an almost weekly basis, democrats were not the only individuals who were targeted by the prestigious alumni of Pat Robertson’s Bible law and typewriter repair academy when they staffed the department of Justice. Establishment neoconservatives still control most of the institutional pillars of the GOP and as they wander in the political wilderness some of the same folks who share responsibility for the criminality that permeated George Bush’s presidency are singularly focused on attempting to re-brand and redefine themselves.
Absent a prosecution purely motivated by George Bush’s desire to protect his friends and financial interests in the oil industry, Ted Stevens would have won the election in a walk, While the majority of republicans still in the senate and house are neoconservatives, it’s possible the neocons will face challenges in the 2012 republican primary season, which explains why so many of them are attempting to present themselves as born again fiscal conservatives.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who is the definition of political post modern neo-conservatism, is setting aside millions to fund primary campaigns of Neocon cronies who fear traditional conservatives may attempt to purge the republican congressional delegation during the 2012 midterms. It would seem Mr. Steele is aware his job as the RNC chair depends not so much on attempting to lead the GOP out of the political wilderness as making sure establishment republicans in the house and senate retain their seats and have enough cash on hand to fend off any primary challenges from uppity representatives of the rank and file.

Having suffered wholesale repudiation in the last two elections, establishment republicans are focused on maintaining their grasp on the personal wealth that is generated by controlling the minority party, being out of power with a steady paycheck and political perks is preferable to simply being out of office. The risk in becoming the party of no and failing to offer any credible conservative alternative to the democratic majority is already being seen in the formation of the so called conservadems, a political ploy that creates the appearance the democrats are able to provide the electorate both the liberal and conservative balance of power.

The winner is of course President Obama who may pretend to be frustrated by “opposition “in the ranks and perhaps even offer a show of reluctantly giving in to calls by conservative democrat demands he scale back on his agenda but like good sale managers, the final budget cost was decided before hand behind closed doors and the acquisition to the conservadems was little more than artfully choreographed political theater. Which brings us full circle to the prosecution of the once revered Alaskan Senator Ted Steven’s, While Uncle Ted may have indeed accepted a puppy or massage chair and a screaming deal on some home remodeling, he drew the line at the attempt by neoconservatives to profit at the expense of the American People, democratic and republican alike and his ability to know when not to cross a line made him a target of liability. To his credit Attorney General Eric Holder was quick to correct the miscarriage of justice, pity the despicable individuals who were responsible have yet to face justice, but who knows the People-v- George Bush and company is still a possible legacy the conman from Crawford and his crew of cowards could be forced to endure.

That’s my opinion, yours may be different

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