According to recent reports a former police station in Matthews Park, Norwalk, has been found to contain asbestos as well as lead. A consultancy report confirms that the building contains toxic materials. Officials now want the disused police station to be demolished and turned into parkland, even though there had been plans to try and turn it into a teen center at one point.

The Mayor stated: “It’s just an old, tired eyesore.” Another official added: “At this point, if the building can’t be used, we should get rid of the old police station and turn it into park land.”

The city’s buildings and facilities manager stated that there was no great surprised with regards to the findings that were revealed in the report. He said that the building was an old one, and therefore presence of such materials had to be expected.

Interior brick walls and ceilings in the building contained the most asbestos in the plaster that was used in their construction, according to officials. Although the asbestos will be removed this will cost in excess of six hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

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