A former police commissioner from California died recently as a result of the asbestos cancer mesothelioma. Quincy A James aged seventy six was only diagnosed with mesothelioma a few months ago, and reports claims that he was most likely exposed to the cancer in his former profession as a pipe fitter.

James, who was from Pasadena, had worked as a pipe fitter in the 1950s, and did this work for seven years in order to raise money to help pay for his education. He worked as the commissioner for the Pasadena police force for two years.

James was remembered fondly by friends and family, having passed away last week. He had already battled with a range of other serious illnesses during his life including prostate cancer and polio, but his family said that he never let these get in the way of his goals and achievements.

He died from malignant mesothelioma just four months after being diagnosed with the cancer. Mayor Johnny Isbell stated: “He was not only a great public servant, but also a great citizen and a very good friend.”

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