A former mechanic in Australia has won an asbestos lawsuit against Ford Australia after the motor company decided to drop its appeal. The appeal had been launched in response to the former mechanic being awarded eight hundred and forty thousand dollars as a result of contracting asbestos related disease.

Aged, fifty eight, Antonio Lo Presti became the first car mechanic in Australia to win a case for negligence against a motor company for exposure to asbestos. The ruling was made in the West Australian Supreme Court earlier this year. At that time the decision by the court was appealed by Ford.

However, earlier this week a spokesperson from Ford confirmed that the company had decided to withdraw the appeal, and paperwork had been filed accordingly.

The spokesperson stated: “We still believe in the merits of our case. We have made a decision based purely on commercial reasons and we have communicated that as soon as we have made the decision so that we didn’t drag that out.”

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