A proposal relating to asbestos compensation claims for those that have been affected by exposure to asbestos has been welcomed by the wife of the former Mayor of Londonderry in the UK. The Mayor, Tony Carlin, died from the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, in 2003 aged just fifty six.

His wife, Mary Carlin, has now welcomed proposals over compensation that were put forward by the outgoing Finance Minister Nigel Dodds. She stated: “I’m delighted to hear this. It gives people great hope that we’ll see a change in the law to allow people with pleural plaques receive compensation. Quite a few people have come forward to us – a lot of men in their fifties. Since the start of this year we’ve been contacted by four men with pleural plaques. And I think they are entitled to support. People’s lives are affected by it with breathing problems and reliance on medication.”

She added: “A few years ago the law lords decided it was a less severe form of asbestos-related illness and changed the law but I know they’ve been campaigning to have that changed in England and I’m really pleased to hear they are now recommending it here.”

Mr Dodds said: “We now know just how dangerous asbestos is, but for many years it was used in a range of commercial products, and even in buildings, because of its resistance to heat. Many people who have been exposed to asbestos, usually through their work, have gone on to develop conditions because of that exposure.

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