In an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald News, journalist Paul Sheehan wrote Israel’s former Chief of Staff, Moshe Ya’alon, had tough talk during an interview in Israel regarding the current regime in Iran: “confront the Iranian revolution immediately” and “all options must considered” including “considering killing” Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad.

Ya’alon was Israel’s Chief of Staff from 2002 to 2005. Prior to Chief of Staff, General Ya’alon served as deputy leader of the Israel Defense Forces from 2000 to 2002.

Sheehan wrote that “Ya’alon is preparing the political groundwork for a military attack on Iran’s key nuclear facilities”.

“We have to confront the Iranian revolution immediately,” he (Ya’alon) told me. “There is no way to stabilise the Middle East today without defeating the Iranian regime. The Iranian nuclear program must be stopped.”

Defeating the theocratic regime in Tehran could be economic or political or, as a last resort, military, he said. “All tools, all options, should be considered.”

Sheehan then asked Ya’alon if “all options” included “decapitating the Iranian leadership by military strikes, including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel’s destruction?” Ya’alon responded with an affirmative: “All options must be considered”.

Sheehan wrote that Ya’alon has decided to run for the conservative party Likud in the upcoming February 10 election.

2010 – “Ground Zero” for Israel

Sheehan also interviewed Eran Lerman, a former senior member of Israel’s Directorate of Military Intelligence. Lerman believes time is of the essence in dealing with Iran:

“Unless the pace [of developing Iran’s nuclear program] is slowed down, we will need to face some bitter decisions within a year. The sanctions have failed.

“The Iranian regime’s need for a nuclear bomb is a reflection of the profound crisis in which it finds itself after almost 30 years in power. They promised the earth and the country is in disarray. The regime has failed to create or sustain stable social structures. So the last validated remnant of the Iranian revolution is to destroy Israel.”

Sheehan’s headline was highly informative: Israeli hawks ready to fly on Iran, and caught the eye of the Iran’s Press TV whose headline read: ‘Kill Ahmadinejad, halt Iran’s N-drive’.

But, within 24 hours, events happened which called into question Ya’alon’s remarks.

What were they?

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Source: Former Israeli Chief of Staff: Confront Iran Regime, Assassinate Ahmadinejad

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