Former GAMSU secretary denies colleague’s assertions on April 10-Camara praises Horomsi for factual reporting!



Please give me space in this popular online newspaper to react or rectify to
some comments made by the so called ex Gamsu member and Horomsi ‘s write up
on April 10. The latter was an excellent piece and is an interesting

The reason i’m calling my former colleague a so called Ex executive member
is simple. Anyone who truly served and took part on April 10 demonstration
will never narrate what he/she narrated in that piece. There are lots of
distorted facts.

April 10 is a very important event in Gambian history and is not to be
played with or just to write about it because you want to be heard or to be
use for political reasons.This event goes far beyond that so its our duty
for every one who wants to talk or write about it to know the facts or try
to gather facts for the interest of entire Gambian population.These facts
and detail accounts will be useful some day.

Pa, coming back to the so called EX Gamsu member. I find it obligatory to
put a point of correction on the followings contrary to what he/she said or
narrated.His dates of events are far from reality.

First of all Gamsu executives at the time had no meeting with the vice
President to formally discussed the Raped and killing of Ebrima barry by
Fire officers in Brikama.

There was no general students conference called to discuss or organized by
the executives to on the two said incidents. Gamsu general body never met to
make a decision on the two said incidents. Only the executives met and took
that’s bold decision to strike.

We never gathered at Gambia college for April 10 demonstration it was at
GTTI in kanifing and no letter was send to IG as to our plans. In the first
place we never had a plan in mind to strike or to demonstrate. We send in
our demands not only to IG but to Secretary of state for Education,
Interior, Secretary General office of the President and chief fire officer.

Pa, look there are lots of errors in his/her write up but i decided to pick
these few just to straighten records.It’s unfair to us and the brave
students we represented on this faithful day for this coward to hide behind
the curtain and narate this very important and delicate issue in this
manner. It’s highly regrettable for a former member like him to say what he
have said.

These facts are not meant to be distorted as we patiently wait the day we
will be called for justice on those cowards who killed our colleagues in
cold blood.

Congrats to Horomsi for that detail and interesting piece. Pa thanks for the
space i will be back in the coming days as we get ready to commemorate the
seventh anniversary of April 10 with detail and true account of incident

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