By Lamarana Jallow, Son of The Gambia.

Dear Editors,

First Lady Tuti Faal Jammeh, never loved Yahya Jammeh. The two couples had history of  problems, during their short term marriage. For Tuti, Jammeh was a “doll boy” with little sense of humor. Jammeh has on many occasions accuses Tuti of sleeping with his body guards. Though, there was no proof to back up such claims. As a senior officer in charge of VIP Protection and other key areas at the State House, I received numerous reports from our men about Jammeh’s late night quarrel with Tuti. Accusations and counter accusations of being “unfaithful” was the order of the day between the two couples.

As such, Jammeh assigns some of our men to monitor the activities of the First Lady during overseas trips. Tuti’s longest serving  personal body guard in the person of  Pateh,  was on our list of investigations. Tuti Faal was very close to Pateh. She was very comfortable with Pateh. She trusts this soldier more than Yahya Jammeh himself. We have made numerous transfer request to move Pateh to other barracks, but Tuti would override such command decisions. She would call me on my cell phone, insisting that Pateh would not move an inch. Lang Tombong Tamba even went to an extent of cursing the first lady’s mother when I relayed  to him what she told me on the phone. Pateh came from Sinteh Foni. He was very close to Almamo Manneh. Lang never wanted to see him at the State House.

Pateh might be  wondering who is Lamarana Jallow, but I used to be your senior man. I played a role in ensuring that Pateh was allowed to stay at the State House. Tuti would invite me for private conversation eachtime oga was out of the palace. We talked a lot. Matter of fact, she told me that she was leaving well before Jammeh was put in the picture. Some of our men are still talking to Tuti. Her days at the State House was interesting. She tell off Jammeh and do whatever she wanted to do. Guards who want  promotion or special treatment would rush to Madam Tuti for help. Thanks to Tuti, plans to get me arrested was reversed. Jammeh is the type who tells his woman anything he intends to do if he is in happy mood. Since I’m still in active duty, I would refrain from going into details. I wait for the day when he is handcuffed and taken to Mile two to tell my story to Gambians.

Elders and religious leaders made repeated intervention to keep Tuti at the State House, but she was wilder by the day. She walks out of the palace anytime she wants and had succeeded in making life miserable for “Oga.” Lang Tombong contributed to the separation of the two couples. Lang make Oga to believe that Tuti was not a serious lady. He also accuses the lady of meddling into the army’s command. Lang played crucial role into Tuti’s divorce. Contrary to what was  being bandit, it was Tuti who divorced Jammeh and not otherwise. Tuti has demanded divorce from Jammeh on numerous occasions. Oga even threatened to jail her at some point for the “potential” embarrassment  her decision to divorce him would have caused. Tuti walked out from the State House and left for good.

I was among the officers who  visited her at her Kemboujay residence, where she told us on no uncertain terms that her returning to the State House was totally out of it. We hand delivered Tuti’s remaining belongings to her. We also know what led to her change of address. Jammeh assigned the NIA to closely monitor her activities. She later moved to a private house in Latri-Kunda German. Tuti revealed so many things to us about Jammeh’s private life. For her, she married the wrong person. That Jammeh was not the right person. Jammeh was  not her dream man. Jammeh was not the type of man she wanted.

Ndeneh Faal angered Jammeh

Going out with the President’s former wife was a big achievement  for any serious young man. Ndeneh was often teased by the then Tourism Minister Yankuba Touray for being “messing” with the big man’s former wife. During their Weekend “MBAHAL” lunch at Touray’s Kotu house, Tuti’s  alleged new found relationship with Ndeneh would dominate the show. One of  our men posted at Touray’s residence called me one  afternoon narrating, what he over heard at Touray’s residence. “Sir, these people are talking about the former first lady going out with Ndeneh Faal.” said the guard. I remarked: What else did they talked about?  The guard continued” Well, the Minister is laughing at the top of his voice. He is apparently happy.

Few days later, I met Minister Touray, Willimba, a Lebanese Gambian, Ndeneh Faal and others at a nearby  Bar at SeneGambia. While at the Bar, Tuti’s name was being mentioned again. I just could not believe that this was Yankuba Touray. As soon as they saw me, they changed their topic.

Yanks and Ndeneh are long time childhood friends. It was obvious that Ndeneh would confide to him in private about his top secrets. It was wrong on the side of Yanks to openly tease Ndeneh about his relationship with the first lady. If Yankuba Touray thinks that what I’m saying here is not the truth, let him counter me. My men are still here to testify against him if called in my office.

Yanks was talking to Tuti during the period in question. Yanks cannot deny that he was not aware of the relationship between Tuti and Ndeneh. Gamcel phone records can confirm my assertions. Yankuba Touray is not loyal to the system at all. He pretends as a Di heart APRC supporter but behind the scenes he would conspire against the Head of State. Lamarana Jallow works at the State House. Our men are angry at this hour. Jammeh would be greeted by rude shock soon.

Ndeneh’s relationship with Tuti later reached the President. This led to her subsequent resettlement in Mauritania. She was being closely watched by the state. She returns home not long ago. Jammeh is still trying to lure her into relationship.

Victoria Goddard used to implicate Ndeneh.

Jammeh played a crucial role on  Faal’s  jailing. He was all the time telling me that he was going to set a drastic example on Faal. Magistrate Otta received direct orders from the President. Ndeneh was convicted well before the trial proper kicks-off. Otta was promised with judge position should she helped to convict Musa Suso and Ndeneh Faal. Ndeneh’s trial was due to his alleged sexual relationship with Tuti Faal. The drug case was just a tip of the iceberg. Victoria Guard was pardoned because she reached a plea bargaining with the state. Ndeneh was not at the scene of the crime but was implicated by the lady. The intelligence community believe that it was a “planted evidence” just to jail the young man. Though, Ndeneh had  bad records in terms of drug related issues, but the timing of the state’s purported case speaks volumes. I have to run because our men are detailed to go to Kanilai. Arbaraka Bandirabeh. Hawkundemalla, heckawaleyeh.

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