Forgotten Honor by Jerry Snodgrass is a good bedtime book, it will certainly put you right to sleep.

Author Jerry Snodgrass was born in Missouri in 1938. He spent most of his life in the military which took him to several global destinations including time in England, Germany, and three tours in Vietnam. His book was motivated by these exotic locations.

While this book boasts amazing travel destinations, the plot is half baked, like soufflé that’s fallen or a cold rigatoni. Vietnam, and points in Europe are beautifully and poignantly described showing off the globetrotting author but the plot is commercial and bland.

The main character, Blake Tanner, works for the government; that’s all. He is a man you do (as the book cover tell us) to be on your side. He is dangerous, and sensual at the same time.  If only the reason for his globetrotting was a little better, the whole adventure is motivated the the loosely tied together twists and turns behind a close friends death. Sometimes two unrelated events are connected weakly to cause another trip. The only thing I can suggest to the author is that travel writing may suit him better.

All the same though, the book can be procured at Amazon here

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