A mystery has been solved in Boston involving the missing gravesites of over a thousand residents from Boston that died in the late 19th century. St. Joseph cemetery and church were first created in 1845. By 1868 it was filled mostly with Irish immigrants who came to the country during the great Ireland potato famine and then by 1882, the cemetery was almost completely forgotten. Wiped from maps and with tombstones rapidly disappearing.

Remarkably though, the church and cemetery were given a new lease on life when the property that the cemetery laid on was sold to a Roxbury charter school. The school sent an archaeological team to do a survey of the land when the team came across a human bone. The team began to scout the land and by the time they were done, they had dug up 1,238 bodies and with no map to direct them, the team had to dig up all of the remains, one grave site at a time.

Yesterday a special ceremony was held by the Bishop Walter J. Edyvean and The Rev. Walter Waldron, former pastor at St. Joseph and was attended by about 60 people to dedicate the new site for the cemetery.

Cemetery Found In Massachusetts (CBS)

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