Forget the War on Terror Sensiblesue Launches the War on Germs

Okay folks so here we go. A man who has been under government quarantine since 1963 decides that he wanted to do some traveling to celebrate his wedded bliss. Now hundreds, perhaps maybe even thousands of people may be infected with a form of Tuberculosis that is resistant to commonly used drugs.

According to reports, this inconsiderate, germ spreading, I only think of myself disease carring vessel knew that he had the deadliest form of TB, but yet after being warned by the CDC that he shouldn’t travel and that he should be wearing a mask, decided to fly anyhow.

Here is the thing people, I don’t believe that any of us should fear terroist because we have enough nasty, coughing without covering their mouths, non-handwashing germ infested people right here in the United States to wipe us all out. I honestly don’t understand why this one man is being singled out and made to look like a criminal when there are so many others of you out there spreading germs everyday. The scariest thing of it is however, at least we know that this man has TB, what about the rest of you out there?

I will never understand why it is that some of us choose to be so nasty. This TB scare may be a headliner, but let’s face it, how many times have you been in a grocery store and seen people cough and not cover their mouths? How many times have you been to your favorite buffet and walked into the bathroom just in time to see someone come out of the stall and not wash their hands, then go straight to the buffet line?

The truth of it is this, Americans in general are nasty, that’s right I said it we are nasty. We are inconsiderate, ill-mannered people who care little about spreading our germs to others. I cant figure out for the life of me why it is that so many folks don’t wash their hands after they go to the bathroom, or wipe their snot filled noses with their hands onto their clothing, after all, Dial Soap, tissue paper and water are all in plentiful supply.

Here are a few words of advice for you people, learn to cover your nasty mouths when you cough, try washing your hands sometimes, and for the love of all that is Holy, let go of the five second rule. Oh and one other thing, to those of you who believe that you can not spread disease through ice and insist in putting your filthy hands in icebuckets and ice chests, I leave you this to think about; It is true that freezing helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, but at the same time if you put that nasty ice into your drink, as it defrost you are getting all of the nasty germs that were on your filthy unwashed hands. You see bacteria loves heat you idiots. What do you people think that the concept of incubation is all about?

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