Attention – Due To Allegations of Plagiarism, This Article Is Highly Suspect 

The late Pramod Mahajan’s  brother in law, Gopinath Munde has testified that Pramod’s brother , Pravin had asked his brother for money amounting to about a Crore of Rupees and when Pramod protested that he couldn’t organize such a lot of money at a short notice(presumably Pravin wanted the money in cash and not through a Demand Draft or Banker’s Cheque!). In a way , Gopinath Munde has placed his late brother in law in the slot that many always placed him in -the BJP’S Mr. moneybags with easy access to liquid cash and his brother wanted a bit of the loose change as a part of the family.

I wonder if i will ever live to see the day when some one will ever threaten me that I would be killed if I didn’t cough up a crore of Rupees. That day is unlikely to ever dawn because i don’t have a Crore of Rupees or any figure close to it and any one who threatens me this way will only be wasting his bullet. But the fact that Pramod Mahjan was threatened this way only goes to prove that his assailant thought that this was a reasonable request to make of his well heeled and well connected brother. Although the BJP’s political fortunes are on the upswing, the fact that Pramod Mahajan could be expected to walk around with so much of loose change to give away means some thing intriguing to me.


Another headline that caught my attention recently was the one about salary packets of the IIM graduates. CNN-IBN reported that Salaries zoomed across the boardfor the 2007 batch of graduates at IIM-Kozhikode this year, with the final placements witnessing as much as 57 per cent hike in international salary levels at $110000 (Rs 49.5 lakh) per annum. Similar rises were reported across the board in all the IIMs. But after reading Rekha Mahajan’s testimony , I began to wonder if indeed in these premier management institutes of the country, they actually teach any strategic planning. I mean when one can so much money as Pramod Mahajan apparently did just by “ serving the people” , why settle for a salary in lakhs by working for some multi national company which will be abused tomorrow in the media for looting the people , the country and the environment ? Why serve a rootless multinational , when one can earn so much more by serving the motherland ? Of course , all parties serve the country and all that but who more than the Bharatiya Janata Party , which of course is built on the very foundation of Akhand Bharat”

The other day , I read about the comrades in Kerala adopting a tactic to keep themselves and their brethren in Kerala in perpetual penury, and now I read of the efforts of Mahajan to live in such splendor that his brother thought nothing of walking into his home, asking for a preposterous sum of money and then shot him in cold blood when he didn’t get his way. I think of all those guys and girls who struggled for years to study for CAT, got through and passed out through those hallowed portals and will struggle and slog like a horse for the hefty salaries that they will be earning. Surely , some of those should be feeling cheated! Meanwhile , oh for a crore of Rupees.!

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