Deven Trabosh, of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, has spent the last eight years searching for Mr. Right. He hasn’t shown up in any of the night clubs that Trabosh has visited, nor has he appeared on the online dating websites that she has signed up for.

When Trabosh decided to sell her beloved 2,200 square foot home in a Palm Beach Gardens gated community, she saw an opportunity to not only advertise her home, but herself as well. Her ads posted on Craigslist and eBay list her beautifully renovated home for $340,000, but Trabosh decided to up the price to $500,000 as payment for her “companionship” to whoever purchases the home.

Trabosh removed her ad from eBay this past week due to eBay’s “prohibited services” policy, which will not allow the auction or sale of “human beings, body parts, or relationships.” She has had no serious offers, but has received over 500 responses.

You are offering the perfect life with the perfect American princess,” wrote one admirer from England. Trabosh has received a few negative responses as well from people who claim that she is “selling herself short.”

Her two daughters, age 21 and 14, want their mom to find love, but also find her plan a bit embarrassing.

“I’m selling love,” Trabosh says. “It’s a package deal for true love.”

Perhaps Trabosh will meet her “true love” sooner than she expected: she has been corresponding via email with a man named Claudio, who is originally from Italy and is now a wine and cheese taster in Miami. He has sent Trabosh photos, and the two hope to rendezvous in Miami in the near future.

Trabosh says she is “ready for love” and that her ideal man would be a European who would ask her to relocate across the pond.

“I believe in true love. I want to get married again.”

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Nicolette Kuff is a freelance writer from Upstate NY. She reflects on daily news stories in her blog, The Daily Kuff. If Trabosh and Claudio can’t work it out, she would like to have his telephone number.

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