For Adji, Haleigh, Hasanni, Marc & Sarah:

Dear God, I know it’s your Son’s Birthday
so, I feel strange asking for a gift;
it’s not for me, it’s for the little ones
who’s hearts sure need a lift

Father, these little ones are lost to us
gone without a trace;
No one has seen these precious ones
we don’t know what hazards that they face

I ask that you watch out for them
keeping them safe and warm
Please take care of them
making sure they know no harm

Let them know that we are looking for them
to help put things back to right
We search & pray for them
both daily and at night

Thousands are still searching
with what little clues there are
we are looking for them
by internet, boat, & car

Father please help us find them
hopefully happy, safe and sound
but if that’s not possible Dear Lord
then into Heaven is where they’re bound

If they are with you, God
please hold them in your embrace
give them our love & Good Tidings
Lord, as they are covered by your Grace

Tell them that we miss them
& Christmas just won’t be the same
but we want them to enjoy themselves
at the Birthday Party held in Jesus’ name


Dear reader;

If you have any information about these children or knowledge of their where-abouts I implore you to contact the FBI, your local Law Enforcement, or the Center for Missing & Exploited Children listed below. I have enclosed each of thier Amber Alert poster pages for your convienience.

Amber Alert Information for:

Adji Desir:

Haleigh Cummings:

Hassani Campbell:

Marc Anthony Bookal:

Sara Foxwell:


Lesa Conway

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