Deval Patrick, Democratic candidate for Governor of Massachusetts has taken his hits for being soft on crime and his promises for government to do more which will require more spending and more taxes. What he hasn’t been taken to task for is his bending the truth to suit his purpose. Massachusetts, long referred to as Tax-achusetts is portrayed by Patrick as having one of the highest tax burdens in America and tells prospective voters that the Tax burden in Massachusetts places it in the top 6 of all states for taxes. A review of data by the non-partisan group The Tax Foundation ( shows that the tax burden at the state level places Bay State residents at 28th or just slightly into the lower half of all states when it comes to tax burden. Where Patrick tries to make his tax case is the aggregate tax burden when Federal and State taxes are combined. When added together, federal and state tax burden places Massachusetts in the number six position. How does this happen? Simply because Massachusetts has some of the highest wages in America and with high wages comes a heavier tax burden thanks to America’s progressive tax system. If elected, Deval Patrick will have to face the fiscal reality that programs cost and since he won’t have control over federal taxes it will be interesting to see how he comes through with his campaign promise to lower the tax burden on the citizens of Massachusetts. If Deval Patrick is going to lower the tax burden of Massachusetts’ citizens he will need to spend less (not likely), reduce the income of top wage earners (governors don’t have that authority) or persuade what is likely to be a Democratically controlled congress to lower federal taxes (not in our lifetime)! Deval needs to come clean with the public on facts about taxes but if he were to do so he’d lose the election. And politics isn’t about truth, it is about power and Deval Patrick wants the power and he wants to be seen as the other great and upcoming African American like Barack Obama ( The difference is; Patrick is no Barack Obama.

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