Eating healthy is one of the keys to unlocking a long life. That is why many remedies for diseases involve a certain type of food. Stress, not being an exception. That is why today we like to explore a few foods that you can munch on to help relieve your stress. Remember that drugs are not a way to relieve stress and if one thinks so they must get admitted into a drug rehab and get help.

Stress Relieving Foods


Alongside the chocolate and the tea, one can also go for yoghurt. Instead of rushing for the tub of ice-cream that will in most cases result in brain freeze, try the yoghurt instead. This is because probiotic food like yoghurt promote mental and brain function. They may even enhance casino online gaming. This is because they are able to do as they prevent free radicals and neurotoxins that can damage nerve tissues in the brain.

Dark chocolate

Whoever said cholate isn’t the solution was a liar. This is as research has shown that a few bites of dark chocolate can have you feeling relieved of stress in no time. Dark chocolate contains flavones, these are antioxidants that may benefit brain function. Therefore it is advised that when using this stress relieving remedy, one has to opt for chocolate that is 70% cocoa. However, too much of one thing is poison, hence it is key to mind your portions.


There is nothing like a good cup of tea to ease the stress away. You can grab a cup of tea while betting on your favourite soccer team at Research has also shown that a few sips of tea can easily lift one’s mood from stress to happy. It is however advised that one should stick to decaf and herbal teas. These may include peppermint, chamomile, ginger and even green tea.

Other Foods

Other foods that can help reduce one’s stress levels include red peppers, spinach, nuts, turmeric, salmon, oatmeal to mention but a few. All these healthy foods can reduce one’s stress levels resulting in them having longer and happier days. Each of the foods, even those mentioned above have to be taken in the right portions. This is because a little too much can result in negative effects.

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