You would think that by age 61 I would have given up on candy, not so! I love candy now as much as I did 50+ years ago. One of my favorite things is Black Liquorice. The problem is, for 20 years I have never found one that I really liked. They were generally too hard, and did not have nearly enough of the yummy anise flavor that I was looking for.

That all changed last week. My wife took me to a ‘dollar’ store, while she was looking for important stuff, strange and exotic products for the kitchen and bathroom, I just wandered around.

I found myself in the candy department, I saw a little bag of Black Liquorice and it was screaming ‘Buy me’. I casually dropped the package in the shopping cart and assumed Jan would not notice.

It was a minor sin and I did not get into trouble for it.

The liquorice was ‘Wiley Wallaby’. It was so good, I talked Jan into going back to the store the next day. I fed her some line about needing a cable to connect one of my computers to a TV. It was true, but my real motive was to get some more Wiley Wallaby.

If you love liquorise, this is the stuff to have.

Simon Barrett


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